Saturday, 18 June 2011

How do you hold yours? Dilemma solved?...

There seem to be two kinds of handplaners – those who use a ‘hand hole’ and those who use a ‘hand strap’. A quick read through some of the popular bodysurfing forums will often show each side arguing the merits of their preferred style and vociferously rejecting the other!
 Here at Thirdshade we went with the hand hole for our hand planes because we felt it looked neater and gave a more positive grip in the water. However, we have been scratching our heads for some time as to a way of keeping the ‘hand strap’ fans happy - and think we have finally done it.
Introducing the new Thirdshade Handplane ‘Quickstrap’...

Thirdshade quickstrap

It can easily be fitted to any of our existing handplanes through the hole and removed again just as quickly, you don’t need to drill any holes or add any permanent new fixings to your precious handplane - in fact the only tool needed is a coin! (20 pence pieces work lovely). We have spent some time working on getting a nice ergonomic shape to the part where your fingers rest, and the strap part is made from heavy duty webbing material and easily adjustable using a big chunky plastic buckle. We need to do a few more tests on them before putting them up for sale but would welcome your thoughts on what you think! Just drop us an email at

Handplane with strap

Quickstrap removed

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