Sunday, 23 October 2011

A different avenue in fish

Been looking around for some time at variations on fish, of course I've made quite a few with the regular Thirdshade fish template but traded in the swallow tail for a round tail, with or without pins.
This one was a completely different approach - the bat tail keeps the width of the template but generates more lift and thus accelleration on take off. It also has the points of the tail cut out of an arc which results in a shorter rail length.
Its rolled in the nose to ease it into turns and allow it to cope with a little chop then runs through to a single under the front foot and a deep double off the tail.
The drive is provided by Pavel Speed Dialers set in Lokbox that allows fine tuning with 1/2" adjustment in both front and rear fins.
This one was made for a friend who was dropping down from a bigger board - he loves it and reported back that it was sooooooooooo fast it blew his mind!

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