Monday, 14 January 2013

Glassed to last...

Following my forays into making boards that are more sustainable I've opted for a heavier than standard glassing schedule (6oz bottom and a double 6oz deck) for anyone that wants a board that stands the test of time. They've also got extra reinforcement at the nose and tail, which as you know are the most likely to sustain damage. All Thirdshade boards glassed in this way will now display the 'Future Vintage' decal.
Since a love affair with a solid balsa fish that made it into my quivver a couple of summers back I found the weight to be a positive - as it offers momentum. These heavier boards seem to generate their own speed and require less pumping to get them really rolling. They also suffer less in windy or choppy conditions - which is what we're regularly got to contend with here in the UK.

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