SURFING. Plane and Simple...

These handplanes are the perfect bodysurfing
aid for riders of all abilities

Simply hold the plane at arms length with your left hand when going left
or in your right hand when going right. The more pressure you apply down
through your hand the more lift will be gained, keeping your head and
upper torso clear of the wave. Tilting the plane to the left or right will
allow turning on the wave face. Hand planes are best used with swim fins
to gain speed when catching the wave...

...and don't forget...just hold on and enjoy the ride!

                        The Thirdshade Handplane Range...

Care for your hand plane...

To keep your Thirdshade hand plane in tip top condition make sure
you rinse it well with fresh water after every surf and dry naturally
away from direct heat sources.

To maintain it’s high quality finish your hand plane should be oiled
regularly to seal and protect the wood. We recommend using
'Woodlove' hand plane oil...